József Gábor (1945 - 2017)
We will as guest artist in this concert season in Óbudai Társaskör. With József Gábor will to play from romantic style. 19.10.2017 7PM
Hungarian Motifs in 11th Pécs International Dance Festival in 21.09.2017 7 PM Zsolnay Cultural Quarter E78 After Follow us Kovács Gerzson Péter & TranzDanz
It was an honour to be invited to perform as a special guest at the 45th American National Flute Convention, NFA. The titel of my Myrna Brown Scholarship concert was Hungarian Pictures. Tn the first part, I played focus on Hungarian Music from the end of the 19th Century in the Hungarian lateromantic period, including verbunk style until contemporary music. In the second part I performed traditional Hungarian sheperdsmusic from Carpatian basen. My wonderful Pianist was Colete Valentin (Texas).
I meeted with my great canadian musician friends and performed many concerts and gived masterclass in Toronto.
I visited the Kodaly Studio in Genf, and became acquainted with its director Klara Gouël, and the flute professor Nataliya Neykova Vincent. At their invitation I gave a masterclass. The same day, in the evening, I performed a concert at the Hungarian Cultural Centre of Genf.
La Cote Flute Festival, Gland, Switzerland – in memory of Aurèle Nicolet. At the four-day flute festival, I was the only Hungarian participant. Mostly French, Swiss, and Italian soloists, professors from nearby cities performed, alongside Swiss-Canadian, German, Austrian, Croatian, American, and Japanese flutists. The festival included early music, twentieth century music, jazz concerts, masterclasses, as well as exhibits of products and services. I prepared and presented an eclectic solo program (as usual a mix of authentic Hungarian music and contemporary works), which is listed under Concerts.
Two hours of Bach. This past spring brought with it the opportunity to perform a program which I and my accompanist, József Gábor, had planned a long time ago. We envisioned an entire evening of music by the great German baroque master, Johann Sebastian Bach. You can find more information about the program at: www.fidelio.hu/klasszikus/2016/04/06/ket_ora_bach
There are still miracles! The Magic Lantern Foundation beautifies the lives of sick children. I took part in the work of the Foundation. www.csodalampa.hu
The Festival performance was followed by a four week long concert tour in Ontario. I had some unforgettable experiences, and met some wonderful people. At seven different concerts, I presented 28 works. I played several concerts with Erik Gero, a Hungarian born musician and a superb Canadian Soprano Melissa Shriner. I am grateful to all who helped me to organize this unforgettable tour.
In 2015. 06 18-21, I participated at the 2. Canadian Flute Convention in Toronto. At this event at St. Michael College of UFT, 100 performers were invited, with concerts and lectures at 10 locations. I performed my program: "Panorama of Hungarian Music" on the 20th of June. The presentation of some Hungarian Folk Instruments as part of my program was received with great interest and enthusiasm.
Flute Festival at Budaörs
Dob és Tánc (Drum and Dance)/ Hommage á Sándor Weöres. Upcomming performances at the Katona József Theatre, at the “Evenings with László Sáry”.
The organizers of CAFe (Contemporary Art Festival) celebrated Kossuth-prize winner composer and conductor, Peter Eötvös, on the occasion of his 70th birthday. At the concert featuring his compositions, I performed his work for solo flute, called “Cadenza”.
I composed a chamber piece for flute group of the titel of the composition is "Magic forest". The dedikation is for Gyula Urbán world famous fairytale writer ("Each mouse likes cheese"), it is gift for him.
With József Gábor pianist plaing together for ten years this year. We played lot of concerts at home, and abroad more often: Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Mari Republic.
The concert what I wrote in the last news was on December 21th. Concertos by Vivaldi, Christmas songs and improvitations. Trio for alto flute, fujara and pot, Quartet for marimba, darbauka, tilinko and kaval, Trio for tambourine, bagpipe and orgel... After the concert I could not sleep for days. I orchestrated the nearly 2,5 hours of program and I composed too. We played twenty kinds of musical instruments. It was a dream! We wish our thanksful audience with this concert Merry Christmas! DVD and TV recording was made.
Completed two most recent transcript, two masterpieces from treasury of the music literature. "La Notte" concerto in g minor by Vivaldi and "The Winter" concerto in f minor from Four Season by Vivaldi are my transcriptions for flute solo and flute ensemble with alto recorder, tenor recorder and harpsichord. Premiere on December 21 will be in Budaörsi Advent with my Flute Group. The other half time of the show is filled with traditional Hungarian Christmas songs, ring and sweetly tones, wide variety of impromptu musical instrument, what I will with Dongó Balázs Szokolay and András Dés playing.
The most Chinese company Great Wall of all time, construction is technically an odd-sized pieces. The longest wall in the world is no less curvy than our life: I have a invitation to China in 2013. I hope expectation is not in vain.
Six years ago, my heart cherished idea is emerging, Marionettes piece for flute, violin, viola, cello and harp by László Lajtha puppetry can be made? If so there will be a WORD PREMIERE!
LAJTHA-YEAR: 2012 László Lajtha celebrate the 120th birth anniversary and in 2013 commemorates the 50th anniversary of his death. The first half of the XX. century the most important Hungarian composer and folk music teachers next to Bartók and Kodály, as well as pianist, conductor, church musician, concert editor and music educational, musical history of professional, international cultural diplomacy is a prominent figure. Lajtha is "flautist" author, the flautist owe him a lot, because a lot of pieces donated to the flute players, it is particulary dear to me that organized some nice events...
Zoltán Gyöngyössy died in a tragic car accident... The incredible news is completely incomprehensible... András Batta, Director of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music s words and I quote, "mourned for him and -as always hard when you lose- ourselves as well because lack of same. The presence of a former, now leave an indelible mark on us." Now I can not write anymore. I owe a lot to him, he still would have owed much everything... God rest him!
My life is one of the most fun I had today. First my folk flute student, who is also the first student studying folk isntrument in Mozart Leopold School of Music in Budaörs, the 8-year-old Hungarian Anna László nativity Christmas carols sang and played the flute.
Now it is certain: Péter Gerendás guitar player, famous pop singer and her family will be guest of the flute group with one concert in the future. The song we discussed, I can start the orchestration.