Márk Fülep was born in Miskolc (Hungary) in 1977. He began learning the recorder with Doma Istvánné at the Egressy Béni Music School and then studied the flute with Cserfalviné Katalin Ferenczi. At the Béla Bartók Secondary School for Music in Miskolc he was a pupil of János Rácz and Tamás Siklósi. He passed the final examination in music with distinction and then studied with Henrik Pröhle at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, graduating with Summa Cum Laude in 2000. Master courses played an outstanding role during his studies: he attended about forty of them, several as a scholarship holder, given by the professors András Adorján, János Bálint, Benedek Csalog, Béla Drahos, Zoltán Gyöngyössy, Gergely Ittzés, István Matuz, Walter Auer, Mario Caroli, Michael – Martin Kofler, Alain Marion, Auréle Nicolet, Paula Robison, Yossi Arnheim etc.
His play and work have always won him professional appreciation: he was awarded the Hungarian Artisjus-Prize twice (1998, 2008), received the Annie Fischer scholarship three times (2004, 2005, 2006) and the László Lajtha-Prize once (2008). He won both the first and the special prize in Timisoara (2002) and got into the second run at the Budapest competition (2003). He was a member of the presidium of the Hungarian Flute Society in 2004.
Apart from performing the entire classical flute repertoire, he puts great emphasis on fostering Hungarian folk music tradition. Mr Fülep explores the potentials of his instrument in various musical styles: he is interested in Baroque ornamentation technique, modern blowing manners, improvised cadences and folk instruments alike. At his concerts he often plays different flutes and was the first in Hungary to give an alto recorder recital. He uses the circular breathing technique. Openness to contemporary music has always been his concern that is born out by several works composed to him. He works together with the Ensembles EAR and Marcato, gives concerts in Hungary and abroad and his play has been repeatedly recorded by the Hungarian Radio and Television. His inclination to experimentation and careful making of programmes has resulted in several exciting concerts. Márk Fülep has taught on secondary and university level and at the Crescendo Summer Academy of Arts in Sárospatak. Since 2000 he has been a teacher at the Leopold Mozart Music School of Budaörs and the founder of a flute ensemble there. Besides, he deals with instrumentations and arrangements, occasional publication and conducting a youth musical.
Since 2008 Márk Fülep has played on a Yamaha 14k gold flute of the Hungarian State.

concerts in the world:

2005 Hungarian Radió, Hungary
2005 Schubert church, Wien, Ausria
2006 Spring Festival, Moscow, Alexandrov, Russia
2006 Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, Hungary
2006 The Slovak State Philharmonic Kosice, Slovakia
2007 Day of Hungarian culture, Hungarian Radio, Budapest, Hungary
2007 Matuz 60, Fészek Club of Arts, Budapest, Hungary
2007 Roma, Italy
2007 Zlatá Koruna, Czech Republic
2007 Bucharest, Romania
2007 Kodály-turn (New Delhi, Mumbay, Calcutta, Pune), India
2008 New Years concert, Tihany Benedictine Abbey church, Hungary
2009 Haydn jubilee, Hungarian Radio, Hungary
2009 Solo recital turn (Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Kitchener, etc.), Canada
2009 „Folkinstrument & electronic” project
2009 Bretzfeld, Germany
2010 Praga, Czech Republic
2010 Graz, Austria
2010 Bratislava, Czech Republic
2010 Párizstól Moldváig CD
2011 Liszt Year turn, Moscow & Joskar-Ola, Russia
2011 Palace of Arts, Budapest, Hungary
2012 Advent in Budaörs, Hungary
2013 Kosice, Slovakia
2014 CPhE Bach 300, Hungarian Radio, Hungary
2014 Péter Eötvös 70, CAFe Budapest, Hungary
2014 Adventfest in Újbuda, Hungary
2015 Flute Convention in Budaörs, Hungary
2015 Canadien Flute Convention & turn, Canada
2016 JS Bach 330, concerts, Hungary
2016 La Côte Flute Festival, Hommage à Auréle Nicolet, Swiss
2017 Matuz 70
2017 MOM
2017 Concerts in Romania
2017 Canada
2017 USA, NFA 45th Annual Convention 
2017 Paris, UNESCO
2018 Hamburg, Elbfilharmonia, Germany
2018 Brussels, Belgium
2018 Hungarian Radio, H